Affordable Product Design for Multiple LP Framing 

Based on an original design, Show & Listen has been created as an affordable way to show off as many of your record covers as possible. 

These sleak plastic frames come in a matt black or white finish to allow all your records to look stunning when framed.
Affordably priced you can hopefully enjoy more than one framed record and even better than that,
change them over whenever the mood takes you.

Show & Listen LP Frames are also designed to compensate for differences in the thickness of LP records.
This is achieved thanks to the unique cushioning system on the back of the frame,
which ensures that any 12″ record will fit comfortably and securely inside.

The clear front window brings out the detail of your favourite record art, while protecting your vinyl from dust.
On the back there are also 4 soft pads to ensure the frame sits neatly against your wall.

Show & Listen LP frames come fully assembled in protective packaging,
ready to attach to your wall with just one screw